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Gross National Development (GND)

CEO Magazine

Welcome to CEO Magazine,

The mission of CEO Magazine is to encourage the dissemination of management insights and best practices. We will pursue this mission by publishing best insights and research work in a format targeting executives and senior managers.

Bridging Research and Practice
Many CEOs find academic research to be fuzzy and mostly rooted in theory and old text books. Even some of the best research tends to be written in a language and format that are hardly useful for a busy executive. The aim of CEO Magazine is to bridge such gaps by providing a new open media outlet that emphasizes application-based content, combined with a "simple to understand and use" format.

The goal of CEO Magazine is to provide access to new case studies, insights and lessons learned to challenge assumptions rooted in tradition and outdated management thoughts and practices.

CEO Magazine's main focus is on breakthroughs in management thoughts and best practices, hence the publication process is highly selective. The main difference with IIM publications is that all published authors are required to frame their findings in such a way as to highlight managerial applicability. All white papers, case studies, articles and research papers are welcome. The use of easy to read illustration diagrams, checklists, bullet points and tables is highly encouraged

Authors and Editors
CEO Magazine is reviewed by the editors of the Executive Journal (EJ) a quarterly journal with focus on management best practices research.

CEO Magazine Issue # 1

Strategy Papers

  1. Strategies for a Global Digital Economy |Strategy Best Practices, Med Jones, International Institute of Management - Conference Paper.
  2. The US Economy: U.S. Economic Risks and Strategies 2007 -2017 - Policy White Paper (v1.2) - Med Jones

Leadership Section

Strategy Section

Operations Section

Law Section

  1. Comparative Company Law United States Vs. Europe - By Enrico Furio
  2. International Arbitration - By Enrico Furio

Government Policy Section

  1. Gross National Happiness (GNH) - Gross National Happiness Policy (v1.0) - IIM
  2. Gross National Happiness (GNH) Survey | Global GNH Survey  - IIM
  3. Corporate Governance for Developing Countries - By Dr. Nasser Al Saidi

The copyrights of all non-IIM authored content belong to their respective authors listed in the documents.

When submitting an executive paper, a case study or a presentation, please provide copyrights and ownership statements, as per Author's Guidelines



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