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The Economic Guru Newsletter: Volume 3 #25
Issue: The Economic Crisis and Recovery Forecast

Following the News of Economic Gurus Who Predicted the Economic Crisis

What did they predict? and what are they predicting now?

Economic Guru who predicted the economic crisis

Economic Guru, Med Jones, Says Good Bank is Better than Bad Bank

Although, the stock market will rally and the credit will start flowing again, we have to be aware that the Bad Bank is only a psychological trick. It is like making the rabbit disappear with a magic trick (but it is only hidden out of sight). The saying you could fool most of the people for some of the time is true here. This is not a real solution to the crisis; it is only a transfer of the bad assets from the banks to the government and the tax payers. We all have to pay the price later. Obama's Administration or the next Administration will have to pay the price for the worthless Bad Bank assets, out of control budget deficits, bad dollar value, and even a worse economy

Economic Gurus, Med Jones, Forecasts Another Economic Crisis in 2015

The exact timing, the depth, and the speed of the economic decline and recovery depend on government intervention policies, but there is not much more room remaining. The hole they dug themselves into is already deep. Global market forces are stronger than they think. At best they can delay the crisis but they have to pay an even higher price later. How will they pay it? This is subject to the politicians’ decision: Either sharp/quick decline and quick recovery; or soft/slow decline and slow recovery that could take decades. Someone has to pay for the debt, the Americans or the foreign investors or both

Economic Guru Warns of a New Economic Shock

In the short-term (1-2 years): The decline cycle will bottom in 2009 and we will see a modest recovery in 2010; however the recovery will not be permanent, neither will it happen in a straight-line for every quarter. In the medium term (2-3 years): We will experience stop and go economic activities and stagflation of higher inflation and no real economic growth (growth will be driven by government debt-spending). In the longer term (3-5 years): We will experience another economic crisis that will affect the economies with high debt to GDP ratios such as USA, Italy and Japan

Economic Gurus forecasts for 2009 - CEO Magazine Interview

2009 will see more economic decline, financial market volatility, and financial shocks and losses. This is caused by the economic cycle correction, speculative and short-term investing, and the global ripple effect.

Jobs will be lost at a rapid pace. Businesses and consumers will reduce their spending. The inventory of homes will rise and the prices of real estate and stocks will fall further. The damage to collective psyche of the investors, consumers and businesses  will be significant and the economy will take time to recover. This vicious downward cycle requires painful socioeconomic actions in order to make the necessary corrections.

Obama’s fiscal stimulus package, bailout and other economic policies can soften the fall, but are unlikely to reverse it anytime soon. We expect to see the bottom fall out around late 2009 or early 2010

Economic Guru Says Latvia will not recover in 2011
The Economic Guru who predicted the economic crisis shares his views with Daily Business Newspaper on Latvia economic crisis and forecast recovery in 2011

Economic Prophet Sees Recovery in 2010
Economic guru sees recovery in 2010

Economic Oracles News
Economic oracle sees the bottom of real estate decline in 2009

Economic Experts News

Economic expert forecast recovery of residential real estate decline in 2011


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