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The Economic Oracle Newsletter: Volume 3 #26
Issue: Economic Crisis & Recovery

Following the News of Economic Oracles Who Predicted the Economic Crisis

What did they predict? and what are they predicting now?

Economic Oracle Who Predicted the Economic Crisis Says Recovery Through Small Business

The economic stimulus package in its current version will cost taxpayers more than a trillion dollar over the next 2 years, and there is no guarantee that it will achieve its stated goals. The plan will more likely soften the fall but it will not correct the economy, it will only delay the correction, and therefore, the recovery too. The most cost effective and quickest method to stimulate the U.S. economy is to support job creation through investing in the creation of U.S. small businesses and innovation development. U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that 98 percent of all U.S. firms have less than 100 employees. These 27 million small businesses create over 85 percent of all new jobs and employ over 56 percent of all private sector workers. The main focus of development programs should be innovation development, export and employment support through enterprise creation

Med Jones Media Coverage - The Economic Oracle Who Predicted The Economic Crisis
Med Jones, of International Institute of Management, Strategy think tank.

Economic Oracle Warns of a Another Global Economic Crisis

In Jan 2007 our forecasting model predicted the financial crisis with great accuracy, while top financial firms and U.S. officials were blind sighted by it. In late 2008, when gloom and doom were the general consensus, our forecasting model revealed the economic decline will bottom in 2009 and we will see a modest recovery in 2010, again we were right. Unfortunately, this time our data shows that the current recovery is not driven by a healthy economic growth. Instead it is based on an increased debt, ineffective stimulus package and bailouts, accounting manipulations, and false investors’ confidence rather than real production growth. The 12 Trillion dollar question that no one is asking is: Who Will Bail Out the Bailout? Who will bail out the almost 700% Debt-to-GDP ratio, that is the real figure if you take into consideration the uncalculated government liabilities of about 60 trillion dollar from the underfunded social security, Medicare, military and government pension obligations. This time we are warning the government that the continuation of the debt-driven bailout and stimulus policies could bankrupt the US as early as 2015." In the next few years, American tax payers and national and global investors will have to pay the price either by raising their taxes, defaulting on national debt, declining US dollar value and/or a hyperinflation tax. European, Latin and Asian economies that follow similar US policies and do not decouple from the dollar will suffer the same fate

Economic Guru Sees Recovery in 2010
Economic guru sees recovery in 2010

Economic Prophet News
Economic oracle sees the bottom of real estate decline in 2009

Economic Experts News

Economic expert forecast recovery of residential real estate decline in 2011


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